Thump Keg Pot Still
It looks like a chimney pipe cap/plug. sticking off the top of the still. pretty much had there liebig or steam cone/ or pipe came out the side to a thump keg and counterfeiter pylon.

april 6

think again: police are still arresting moonshiners. some moonshiners use a thump keg, which is simply a heated barrel into which the steam is forced. . and pressure from the pot causes the water to bubble creating the thump sound!
Traditional 5 gallon all copper pot still with thump keg and worm/flak. moonshine --how to make it - ibiblio - the public's library and. a wilkes county copper.

Traditional 5 gallon all copper pot still with thump keg and worm/flakestand. from cacoppercreations traditional 5 gallon all copper pot still with thump.
I am using a copper pot still (possibly with a thump keg), for a 5 gallon run. i just mashed flaked corn maize and a touch of six row barley for the forcibly.

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