Bbq chicken flatbread pizza diced chicken breast, bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, our own granite city recipe turkey burger served with a side of our handmade coleslaw. - $8.

Recipe For Granite City Flat Bread
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april 16

- bbq chicken flatbread pizza you are here: select restaurant >> >> bbq chicken flatbread pizza.
Menu for granite city food & brewery bbq chicken flatbread a classic recipe of bbq sauce, diced chicken breast, cheddar cheese.

  Granite city offers a wide variety of foods at just the right price! 26029. bbq chicken flatbread : $10.95: a classic recipe of bbq sauce, diced chicken breast, cheddar cheese.


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Team Name Conf All
Johns Hopkins 5-0 10-2
Haverford 5-1 7-5
Frank. & Marsh. 4-1 7-8
Swarthmore 3-2 7-7
Ursinus 3-3 12-5
Dickinson 3-3 4-9
Muhlenberg 2-3 3-5
Washington College 2-4 4-8
Gettysburg 0-4 2-8
McDaniel 0-6 2-12

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A new study found that living near heavy traffic was associated with an increased risk of certain types of rare childhood cancers in California.

Living near traffic linked to increased cancer risk in children

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 Statement Regarding Framework Agreement on Ag Labor

Apr 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 12, 2013 – “The American Farm Bureau Federation is pleased a framework was reached today on agriculture labor provisions between the Agriculture Workforce Coalition, of which AFBF is a member, and the United Farm Workers. These successful negotiations will help provide America’s farmers and ranchers a much needed legal labor supply, while paving the way.. READ MORE


 Tax Day Is Big Reminder of the Need for Tax Reform

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Tax Day…not exactly a favorite holiday for most folks, but it does spotlight the need for a simpler, more transparent tax code. American Farm Bureau tax specialist Pat Wolff talks about changes that would make the tax code more fair for the nation’s farmers and ranchers. AFBF’s Johnna Miller has that story. .. LISTEN


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 AFBF Lays Out Tax Reform Wish List

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According to AFBF, tax reform must be simple, transparent, revenue-neutral and fair to farmers and ranchers. Although broadening the tax base and lowering the rate are important parts of tax reform, ... READ MORE

Rural Community Building

 Smithsonian Documents Ag Innovation

Apr 12, 2013

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