What a crazy couple of months it’s been!  My efforts to be better with the updates have been admittedly pathetic, but somewhat justified.  I was on vacation for a couple of weeks, then was back in LA for a few days, during which time I had to say a final goodbye to my very best friend and companion for the past 7 years. His name was Floyd, and he was the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever known.  He had more personality than half the population of Los Angeles.  He became very sick very quickly, so I can at least take comfort in that he didn’t have to suffer needlessly.  If anyone has had to put down a beloved pet, then you know how very difficult it is…and you hope that they know how much they’re loved as they slip away in your arms…I miss my baby so very much.

The next day, my father became ill, so I went back to Wisconsin for a week (he’s doing better now, thankfully...), then back to LA for a few days before getting put on jury duty (as an alternate) on a criminal trial that lasted a week.  And I must say…it’s incredibly maddening to be an alternate juror and know the verdict(s) went the absolute wrong way.  (God help me if I ever need to be judged by a ‘jury of my peers’!)

Anyway, I’m finally getting some breathing room!

So…the staged reading and fundraiser for Alliance went very well and was a great kickstart for the company.  After that event, auditions were held for a full production, and I landed a lead role!  We were supposed to start a six-week run at the end of October, but the play got pushed back to January, which actually works out well, because the role is a challenging one, and I could use the time to work on my character.  In the meantime, ARC will be putting on 8 one-act plays starting at the end of October. I auditioned for those as well, and got a part in one of those too!  Rehearsals have already started and seem to be going well.  There are only three of us in the scene, but there’s a lot going on.  I’m very excited about both productions!

I also met with the Producer of The Missing Link, the feature I did this spring.  He told me things were progressing well with the film, although editing was taking longer than expected (which usually seems to be the case).  He also presented me with some opportunities to work with him on some other films in the future, so that is very exciting.  He has some really great ideas.

I also got word that the cast and crew of Unwelcome Strangers will finally get to see the final cut of the film next weekend (crossing fingers that it actually happens!)

So, lots of things keeping me busy these days…Details to come on the Alliance productions!


Moving. Ugh. On one hand it's a major pain, even when you hire movers...the packing, the unpacking, the cleaning the old place, blah blah blah. It blows, really. But on the other hand, it's exciting, too. A new place, a new neighborhood, only MINUTES from your day job, and just...new beginnings. So, although I've been physically and mentally exhausted for the past couple of weeks, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as they say. Now it's time to settle in and make it "home". I wasn't thinking too clearly on my choice of dates for moving, though. We've been smack in the middle of rehearsals all month. Plus, in my recent brainlessness, I offered to be the "webmaster" for the theatre company. I have to say...as much as I just really don't have the time to do it, I do enjoy it when I do it. Please check it out and tell me what you think. It's pretty basic, but hopefully you find it well-organized and user-friendly. www.alliancerepertory.org is the website. And as long as you're there, and should you happen to be in Los Angeles in the next couple of months, you should buy tickets to see me perform! I am part of the cast of "EIGHT" (details on the Upcoming page of the Alliance website), and will be performing in the Bassett one-act called "The Last Judgment". I've really enjoyed working on this, and can't wait to perform it. Our opening night is November 7, so get your tickets now! You can do it right on the site, through PayPal. The Bassett pieces are running in rep with the Kraar pieces through mid-December, so just check the drop-down button for the dates, and come see me! I would love to see some familiar faces in the audience.

In other news, last weekend I attended the premiere of Unwelcome Strangers! It was so crazy to see the cast and crew again, most of which I haven't seen since we wrapped -- three years ago! Everybody looked great and I had a blast. Watching the film was very bizarre. When you see your face all huge on a screen....well, a person tends to cringe a little. Ok, if you're me, a lot. All-in-all, I was really just happy that the movie got finished at all. We had such an extraordinary experience together, it would have been a shame not to have the product from it. Two weeks in the middle of nowhere in Northern California with a bunch of, well, strangers!

In my opinion, the movie has its good points and its bad. I think much of the acting was pretty solid; I believe we'll all be able to use parts of it for our reels. There are some great moments with some of the locals that are priceless. The cinematographer, Pierre, was very very good. Where it fell apart, I think, was the editing. I would love for a very experienced editor to get all of the raw footage and start over from scratch. If we had that, I think we'd have a pretty good movie! But...I really don't want to complain because the experience was fantastic and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I heard from The Missing Link's producer this week, and what a wonderful call to receive. It truly made my day. He was very appreciative of the work I did in the film, and just called to express that to me. Warm fuzzies! I'm hoping to see some edited footage in the next week or so. Exciting! I'm actually going to have some good material for my reel!

Well, that's my update for now. Keep checking back and don't forget to come to my show!