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I haven't watched it yet, but I'm very excited to see a documentary called D-Tour on PBS.

Check this link to find out when it airs near you...

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Lots happening lately, and it is that time of year when everything seems to be in fast-forward. “Eight” has been going very well!  We’re at the halfway point right now, having performed 6 shows and having 6 more remaining.  We’re off this weekend for the holiday, but back at it next weekend.  I’ve been having a blast doing it.   There is still time to see the show..check the website!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw some footage of The Missing Link, and was very, very happy with what I saw.  It was just a rough edit of a few scenes, but extremely promising.  I’m (...unusually) optimistic about the prospects of this one…it was shot beautifully, directed very well, and is being edited by someone who has plenty of experience.  That last factor being so, so, so important.  It probably won’t be finished until early next year, but oddly enough, I’m ok with waiting!

The DVDs for the thickness of delirium have been completed, and I believe they are currently being sent out to everyone who had a hand in the making of the film…   If you are interested in buying a copy of the DVD, you can do so at


Review!! Our first review for the Bassett portion of "Eight"....and I can't say I'm not pleased! Our one-act (The Last Judgment) was her favorite!! To read the whole review, click here. Here is a photo of our play from her article:

Leann Slaby in "The Last Judgment"
“The Last Judgment”—Bryan Kopta, Javier Ronceros and Leann Slaby