JUNE 2013


What do you mean I have a website? Wait…oh yeah! That’s right! How could I have possibly neglected to post an update in – gasp -- TWO YEARS?!?!?! Yikes, that surprises even me. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve gained phenomenal worldwide fame as an actress and all-around awesome person, and my rigorous schedule of shooting movie after movie after TV show prevented me from providing the briefest of updates…but that would be more than just stretching the truth. More like beating it to a bloody pulp. No, my excuse is not superstardom, unfortunately. Hmmm….by looking at my last post, perhaps I could blame married life…?! Ha! No…we did celebrate our two-year anniversary last weekend, and I couldn’t be happier, but that certainly didn’t get in the way of the pursuit of my professional dreams. It’s been a combination of things, I think; mostly a lack of consistent activity and way too long a stretch of stress at the day job.

But man, two years. Well, one thing is certain. I need new headshots. Getting tired of looking at these same old ones; plus, I chopped my hair off last year and need to get my new look out there. Part of me is waiting just a little while longer to let it grow out some more. It had been too short for a while – ugh – but it’s finally getting to where I’m ok with it. And I already know who I’m going to shoot with, so I’m all set there…just a matter of timing now.

So what’s been happening? Sporadic auditions, a job here and there, but nothing close to what I hope for or envision. That being said, I feel that I’m finally in a place to devote more time and effort to this part of my life, so I hope change is on the horizon. A friend of mine posted this article a while ago, and while it is from The Onion and is satirical, it absolutely hits the nail on the head.


Other interesting tidbits:

Unwelcome Strangers – This was the very first audition I went on when I came to Los Angeles seven years ago (wow…hard to believe it's been seven years already!). I was elated to get the part (and foolishly thought, getting work is a breeze! HA) and spent 15 days in the woods in Northern California shooting. Scott de Falco, who stars in the film, worked tirelessly to get distribution -- and his efforts paid off. Unwelcome Strangers will be released in July! You can even preorder it from Walmart or Best Buy. Here is a photo of the cover layout:

Unwelcome Strangers Cover


5SF - Some of my favorite people to work with in LA are the guys from 5 Second Films. Amazingly creative, down-to-earth, and so much fun. I was thrilled to be a part of a couple of their films, and recently shot a short sketch as well.   This one was from "Bummer Week". Bummer, indeed.


This one was more recent, shot the same time we did "Birthday After Party"...



And here is the sketch "Birthday After Party".


Interviews -- I did a couple of interviews, one for McGruder and the Loch Ness Bone, and one for Survivor. Crazy to think that it’s nearly nine years since I was on Survivor – sometimes it feels like yesterday. Here are the links:




Changing Hands - In February of this year, one of the movies I had a small role in was screened, but unfortunately we weren't able to attend because I wasn't feeling well. I look forward to seeing it, though! Photos from the premiere are here: http://changinghandsmovie.com/pressmedialinks/


I think that’s it for highlights. I won’t bore you with all the other details…this time. Off to plan my trip to Vegas for my upcoming birthday! Woo-hoo!