JULY 2011


Lots to fill you in on…

First and foremost, congratulations are in order!  For me!  On June 24, I married my very best friend and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. How lucky am I??  We had a very small and intimate ceremony at El Matador Beach in Malibu. Nobody but our freshly-ordained minister and witness (our very close friends JP and Royana) knew about our plans, so it was a surprise to all!  The whole day was perfect, from beginning to end. Absolutely perfect.  We even had dolphins make an appearance after we said “I do”!  Seth and I were married with our friends and families in our hearts and each other in our eyes…



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Mr. And Mrs. Seth Bier - Married 6/24/11

As for the business side of life, I’m currently performing in a one-act play called Big Huge Red Flag, part of a quartet of one-acts called "Early Warning Signs" by Dean Donofrio.  We’ve just finished our second week, and it’s been going well.  I’m lucky enough to be performing with great talent and great friends. This past Friday was particularly fun for me. The previous week, Dean mentioned that one of the actresses in another of the one-acts (The Good Sister) was unable to perform on Friday night, so I offered to learn the part and fill in.  This was a much bigger undertaking than I could have imagined, but..most who know me know that I thrive on challenge.  The part was not small; I would be on stage for the entire play, and there were 17 pages of dialogue to memorize…in six days!  Well, I’m thrilled to report that I did it!! And it went suprisingly well! I’m always the first one to self-deprecate and criticize, but I actually have to admit that I was proud of myself.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it…and I did it well.  Woo-hoo! 

Early Warning Signs

I have one more week of doing BHRF, but I won’t be in town to perform the last week of the run, unfortunately.  So if you’re in town, come see it this week (July 21-22)!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the premiere of Chronicles of a Love Unfound, which was the second film I had done after moving to Los Angeles.  Major kudos to Michael Peter for doing such a wonderful job with the film.  It took nearly four years to finish and was done on a shoestring budget, but it was worth the wait and turned out beautifully.

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Leann Slaby and writer/director Michael Peter

  Leann Slaby Image

The film I shot in February (originally called The Adventures of McGruder, but now called McGruder and the Loch Ness Bone) will premiere at Scotland’s “Fringe By The Sea” arts festival on August 12th, 2011.  How exciting!

Michael King, who wrote and produced McGruder, has also asked me to be his leading lady in his next film, Flicker, set to start principal photography this Fall.  Michael is an amazing talent in a multitude of areas, and I’m honored and thrilled to be involved in another one of his projects.

I haven’t been taking workshops over the last month or so, because of Big Huge Red Flag, but prior to starting rehearsals, I had workshops with Stephanie Laffin (House), Wayne Morse (feature films), and Meredith Fordney (NCIS). Wayne was my absolute favorite…very actor-friendly, very down to earth, and great with feedback.

I had a few auditions since my last post, but definitely not nearly as many as I would like.  I could complain about how the system works, could point the finger in many directions (including myself), but all in all, I have to say that in my five years of being in LA and trying to get work as an actress, I’ve come a long way…

Even the slowest journey is still a journey to somewhere.