JULY 2010

July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to me! heeheehee I love birthdays...always have! Happy to be alive, happy to be pursuing my dream, happy to be surrounded by amazing friends and family, and just happy to be happy.

I had a really great couple of weeks. Aside from an awesome birthday gift to Vegas last weekend (had the best time...thank you Seth..), I got to shoot a scene for an upcoming film titled Changing Hands, directed by Scott L. Schwartz. It was a pretty intense scene and I hope it ends up looking as good as it felt. Scott was a pleasure to work with and I was honored to be asked to be in his film.

I've had a few auditions lately - most of them went pretty well, I think. I definitely feel like the improv classes have boosted my confidence when asked to do something cold or just differently. I have a callback next week for a pilot I auditioned for last Thursday. When I first read the sides, I knew the part was perfect for me. Swearing, sarcasm..what more could I ask for?!

Wish me luck!