It's been a difficult week... The world we know lost a beautiful woman, and a beautiful soul. I like to think that the reason such good people are taken from their loved ones so young is because they've gleaned all they could from this life. She is most certainly an angel now, and perhaps her new role is to pass her enormous strength and courage on to others in a way that only an angel can...

You have a light that could never fade. Shine on, Jenn.

Jenn Lyon

Jennifer Lyon was a contestant on Survivor: Palau. She was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer upon returning from the island in 2005. She not only fought an extremely difficult battle, but she spent her remaining five years raising awareness and funds for breast cancer related organizations.

Please consider donating to one of the organizations that was close to Jenn's heart by clicking here. This link will take you to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate breast cancer.

Let's try to keep the angels on earth for as long as possible...

Jennifer Lyon
1972- 2010