August 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....I've had a busy couple of weeks! The GOOD: Lots of auditions. The BAD: dealing with AFTRA and SAG. The GREAT: Getting a part I didn't audition for!

There's been quite a bit of activity lately, which is refreshing and encouraging. My participation in the theatre company has been minimal lately (my own fault), so it's nice to feel like my career isn't spending my days at an investment firm, but is one of an actress who auditions, rehearses sides, and even shoots.

The best thing about auditioning is walking away feeling happy with my performance. I've had a long, long, too long of a streak where that wasn't happening. My nerves have a tendency to get the best of me, and I've notoriously been a bad auditioner. I think the improv classes I was taking with Javier Ronceros have helped build my confidence tremendously. Of the past 7 or 8 auditions, I felt really good about 90% of them. That, of course, does not mean I landed any of the roles for which I auditioned. But for me, that's ok. As long as I can walk away proud of what I've done, I'm happy. I even got feedback from one of the casting directors complimenting me on my improv skills! (Thank you, Javier!)

Earlier this week, I got a call from a casting director for a webisode series that I auditioned for. No, she wasn't calling about the webisode (I thought I nailed it....pfft); instead, she was calling because she was also casting a feature film called The New Republic. Principal photography was already finished, but they were doing some pick-up shots and she thought I would be perfect for the role of a news anchor. Sweet! We shot my scene on Friday, which I thought went pretty well. I also got to see the trailer, which looked really great. Turns out my scene is opening the it!

Oh, I did not get the part for the pilot I talked about in my last post, unfortunately, but they did like me and asked me to be in the pilot as one of the secondary characters. To be honest, I love the script so much that I am just happy I can be involved in any capacity.

I don't want to start rambling about my union issues because I may end up ranting until the wee hours of the morning, but let's just say that for the amount of money one must pay to join the union, you would think that they would be way more helpful than they are (read: more helpful than doing absolutely nothing). I am finally eligible to join SAG, but because of one organization's lack of recordkeeping, I'm getting the shaft. I don't give up easily, so this storyline is not over...

I also want to give a shout-out to two of my great friends (who happened to be married to each other) who BOTH booked guest star roles on episodics this for JP Hubbell on NCIS, and Royana Black on Medium! Congratulations!!!