APRIL 2010

April 27, 2010

Wow….Chapter Two seemed like so long ago already! The run went really well, I think. I had a lot of fun doing it. During the second act of the play, I had a particularly long monologue that, when I felt truly connected, was very much cathartic and liberating. That’s the beauty of acting…it’s its own kind of therapy. During much of the run I was going through quite a bit of stress in my personal life, and the one place I could either let it go or embrace it completely, was on stage. Analyst schmanalyst…I’ll take the stage any day.

Since Chapter Two ended, I’ve been taking improv classes at the theatre, which is led by one of our members, Javier. Javier and I were in The Last Judgment together, so I’d already gotten the chance to know him, and see his talent. What I didn’t know was how well he could conduct a class. Sensational. I was terrified of improv. Seriously terrified! But by the end of the first week I fell in love with it. What a challenge! I never thought I was one who could think on my feet (that idiom sounds really strange right now..huh.) since I often have trouble conjuring up requisite small talk. But it turns out I’m not as bad as I suspected. It’s been a remarkable learning experience, and I’m hooked on Javier. That’s what he should call the class…Hooked on Javier!

Another thing that’s been happening at the Alliance is something called 5.4.5. Every Friday night, the Company puts on five short performances and the public pays $5 to see them. (now ya get it? 5 for $5? Ahhhh...). Anyone is encouraged to submit pieces…writers can submit their work to see how a scene might flow, or gauge a reaction from the audience, and the company members will perform it. Or members bring in something of their own – a monologue, a stand-up bit they’ve been dying to try, a song, a scene, whatever. It’s a free-for-all, really, and the only requirement is that the piece be under 10 minutes. Well, I don’t know if I’m into self-torture or what, but last week I decided I was going to sing a song a capella in a language that I don’t speak. Yeah. It's a song that’s stuck with me for years. It’s from a scene in the movie Mulholland Drive, when Naomi Watts and Laura Harring are sitting in a theatre, and Rebekah del Rio comes on stage and sings “Llorando”, which is a Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying”. It’s insanely beautiful and gives me chills every time I hear it.

So on a last-minute whim, I signed up on Thursday and performed it on Friday. Mind you, my commute to my day job is only about 4 minutes, so that didn’t really leave me a whole lot of time to learn the words. The Spanish words. But…I did it! I was really nervous. I was really really nervous. I know I messed up a few (many) of the words (hopefully I didn’t say something vulgar) and my voice quivered from the nervousness. But what’s important is that I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable and surrendered to it. It wasn’t my best singing performance in the world, but nobody could say it didn’t have some heart…

I believe that all these things are helping me…in my hopes to gain confidence, and my abilities to be more open with the world – not just the select few in my inner circle.

In other news, a couple of the guys that produced and wrote The Missing Link (which I hear is coming along nicely!) just finished principal production on another feature film, called Fate. These guys were kind enough to think of me when casting, so I got the role one of the leads’ older sister, Kristine, in a very clever time-travel type of movie. I only had a couple of scenes, but I was grateful to them for including me! We shot my scenes last weekend and I think they’ll turn out nicely. One was an emotional scene, which again, I find to be the most fulfilling…both for the film and for myself. Therapy, I say!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got my hands on an “almost-final” cut of Chronicles of a Love Unfound. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet (busy busy!), but from what I can tell, it looks great! Here are a couple of screen captures of me from the film.

Leann Slaby Image 1 Leann Slaby Image 2

Leann Slaby Image 4

Leann Slaby Image 3